Disposable Free Berkeley Business

The City of Berkeley is providing FREE on-site consulting and mini-grants to help businesses comply.

Get Personalized Technical Assistance:

  • Personalized technical assistance with all Ordinance requirements:
    Julia Heath, City of Berkeley Recycling Manager, customerservice@cityofberkeley.info
  • Personalized technical assistance and mini-grants for reusable foodware:
    Ben Duggan, StopWaste Reusable Foodware Project, bduggan@stopwaste.org

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Berkeley Disposable Foodware Reduction Ordnance requires businesses to:

  1. Serve their food on reusable dishes, cups and utensils for all onsite dining
  2. Use only BPI Bertified compostable foodware for any take out or delivery service
  3. Charge $0.25 for every disposable cup and put the charge on all menus and receipts
  4. Offer only BPI Certified lids, utensils, and other accessory foodware by request or self service (also state law)
  5. Provide recycling and composting receptacles to customers with clear signage whenever self-bussing is an option