Keeping Coyotes Wild

• Keep garbage indoors, in sturdy containers with tight fitting lids. Take out trash the morning pick-up is scheduled, not the night before.
• Keep compost in secure, wildlife-proof containers.
• Keep fallen fruit off the ground.
• Keep birdseed off the ground; seeds attract rodents. If coyotes are regularly seen around your yard, remove feeders.
• Keep barbecue grills clean.
• Eliminate easily accessible water sources, especially during times of drought.
• Clear away bushes and dense weeds near buildings where coyotes might find cover and critters to feed on.
• Close off crawl spaces under decks and around buildings where coyotes may den.
• If you see a coyote in your yard, make loud noises with pots, pans, and air horns, or haze the coyote with a water hose or Super-Soaker water gun.
• Don’t let domestic animals roam; keep them securely enclosed and protected at night. Keep cats indoors.
• Fence your property. The fence must be at least six feet tall with the bottom extending at least six inches below the ground.
• Don’t leave pet food outside or feed your pets outside.
• Install motion sensor lights near buildings.
• Walk dogs on leashes, particularly during spring, coyote pupping seasons.
• Spay or neuter your dogs. Though uncommon, coyotes are attracted to, and can potentially mate with domestic dogs.

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