Showdown at Freshwater Creek

Tensions have run high in the 15,000-acre Freshwater Creek watershed east of Eureka since Pacific Lumber was granted its request for a temporary restraining order against forest activists on March 10th. Representatives from Pacific Lumber nailed copies of the order to 18 trees in the area and used a bullhorn to order tree-sitters to leave the premises within 24 hours. None complied.
On March 17th, “Remedy” (profiled in Terrain, Winter 2002) became one of six treesitters forcibly removed from platforms as high as 200 feet above ground by climbers hired by Pacific Lumber. Remedy was three days short of her one-year anniversary in the tree-sit. After another treesitter took  Remedy’s place, the tree’s top and limbs were cut off to deter other activists. But treesitters, like the one at left, continue their occupations. “There are even more people in trees now than there were when the evictions started,” said forest activist  Karen Pickett.

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