Air Pollution by the Numbers

•  Tons of carbon monoxide (CO)  emitted in 1999 by OLS Energy (UC-Berkeley campus), Alameda County’s largest non-refinery  individual (point) source: 120
•  Tons of CO in 1999 from second-largest point source, Waste Management of Alameda County: 78
• Tons of carbon monoxide emitted  per day by motor vehicles in the  San Francisco Bay Area: 2,317
•  Personal motor vehicles per 100 people in the Bay Area in 1975: 58
•  Personal motor vehicles per 100  people in the Bay Area in 2000: 67
•  Portion of ozone-making volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxide emissions attributable to  motor vehicles: 97.4%
•  Portion of Bay Area particulate  emissions attributable to motor  vehicles: 50%
•  Estimated deaths from heart and lung disorders attributable to particulate  air pollution in San Francisco  and  Oakland in 1989: 1,270
•  Deaths from auto accidents, same places, same year: 414
•  Size at which airborne particles are small enough to lodge within the lungs: 10 microns
•  Smallest particles that fall within EPA regulations: 10 microns
•  Size at which breathable particles become most dangerous: 2.5 microns
•  Size particles most prevalent in  the Bay Area through February 2003: 2.5 microns

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