The Scoop on Transit

On an average weekday, BART is used for over 306,000 trips, over 90 million trips a year, 60,000 more trips than ten years ago.

The system recently completed a ten-year, $1.2 billion renovation project on time and under budget, funded largely by passenger fares. All cars, fare gates, fare machines,

escalators and elevators were overhauled.

BART opened nine extensions in the last ten years, four in 2003 alone. The new SFO depot is one of the few “plane-to-train” connections in the US.

Over the same period, BART has raised fares five times. A ticket today costs almost 60 percent more than ten years ago.

Discounted tickets for the disabled, seniors, and students make up less than nine percent of all tickets sold.

AC TRANSIT serves approximately 250,000 riders every day in 13 cities and unincorporated areas in Alameda and Contra Costa counties.

More than three-quarters of AC Transit riders are people of color; over a third don’t have cars.

AC Transit is the principal transportation for school children.

Forty percent of riders use the bus as a matter of choice.

Students at UC Berkeley receive a pass for unlimited trips on AC Transit as part of their school fees. The program generates more than 3.5 million student rides annually. This year, UC Berkeley employees will also be offered a discounted rate on unlimited bus trips.

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