Chef HuNia Bradley at the Albany Farmers’ Market, 6/26/13

Chef HuNia Bradley at the Albany Farmers' Market, 6/26/13
Next Wednesday, taste and learn one of HuNia Bradley’s delicious recipes at the Albany Farmers’ Market. HuNia will be leading a cooking demonstration as part of our Farmers’ Market Cooking Demonstration series. This series was created to provide people with knowledge that they can easily take home and put to use in their own kitchens.… Read more »

Book Event with Raj Patel “Our Food, Our Right: Recipes for Food Justice,” this Thursday, 11/8/12

Book Event with Raj Patel "Our Food, Our Right: Recipes for Food Justice," this Thursday, 11/8/12
Please join Raj Patel and Heather Day (CAGJ) for an evening celebrating our emerging new food systems! Our Food Our Right: Recipes for Food Justice is a new publication of Community Alliance for Global Justice (CAGJ), a Seattle-based grassroots organization, with a foreword by Raj Patel (renowned author and food activist). Come to celebrate stories… Read more »

Farmers’ Market Strawberry Pie

Farmers' Market Strawberry Pie
One of the great things about the Farmers’ Markets is the opportunity they bring to share recipes. An Albany Farmers’ Market customer, Moriah VanVleet, was inspired by the fresh strawberries in the peak of their season. The pie she made looks delicious, and she has shared her recipe on the Albany Patch. Check out her… Read more »

Dish Up the Fresh Stuff from Today’s Farmers’ Market

Dish Up the Fresh Stuff from Today's Farmers' Market
Thanksgiving chefs, your market day has come! Today, Tuesday, is the last market before our favorite food-centered holiday on Thursday. Be sure to come by Derby and MLK Jr. Way in Berkeley from 2 – 6 pm. The vendors are well-stocked in lots of produce, bread, cheeses and other fresh foods to round out your… Read more »