The McGraw-Hill Recycling Handbook, Second Edition

Providing a bridge between recycling experts and the officials charged with developing and running recycling programs and operations, this practical reference offers an overview of recycling, including the current laws that govern recycling, the strategic goals of recycling programs, and the need to boost public awareness of the value of recycling.

The handbook examines a wide range of recyclable materials–from papers, plastics, and cans to construction and demolition materials and household wastes. For each material, it discusses collection and separation procedures, costs, the potential for re-use, the projected market, and problems and solutions. Numerous illustations highlight the technology used in creating an integrated system of waste management.

Hardcover, 976 pages

Author: Lund, Herbert F
Call Letter: Ref
Call Number: 85
Publication Format: book
Publication Year: 2001Website:

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