Laundry to Landscape

An instructional video on how to design and build Laundry to Landscape Greywater Systems. These are the simplest, most economical greywater systems to install yourself as an owner or renter, and a good green collar job opportunity (as a self-employed installer or as part of your landscape, plumbing, or construction business).

Includes: System Overview; Site Assessment and Design; How to Do It —
Washing Machine • Biocompatible Cleaners • Diverter Valve • Transition to Outside • Anti-Siphon • Hose Service Connection • Distribution Line • Outlets • Mulch Basins • Trees; Options and Special Situations —
Multiple Zones • Pumping Uphill • Steep Downhill Slopes • Rainwater • Freezing • Super Simple Systems; Legality; more.

Author: Ludwig, Art
Call Copy: c. 2
Call Letter: VBe
Call Number: 7
Publication Format: DVD
Publication Year: 2010Website:

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