Genetic Resources, Our Forgotten Treasure

Third World countries are the source of the world’s main crops. Potatoes come from the Andean Region, corn from Central America and sorghum from Ethiopia. However, it is precisely in these countries the resources of these crops have been least used. Until now, there was no book analysing the problems in a simple language and from the perspective of these countries which gave rise to this resource.

In this book, some of the basic concepts and the economic and political importance of genetic resources are described within a technical and economic framework for Third World peasants and scientists. The practical problems of, and the technical processes for the collection, conservation and use of genetic resources are described. At the end of the book, practical information is annexed, including a glossary of terms related to the subject.

Author: Querol, Daniel
Call Letter: Bd
Call Number: 52
Publication Format: book
Publication Year: 1992Website:

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