Screen legend Jack Nicholson breathes life into sharp-tongued private eye Jake Gittes. Gittes is hired by a stunning Evelyn Mulwray to perform a matrimonial surveillance on her husband Hollis Mulwray, the chief engineer for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. Mr. Mulwray is in public eye due to his opposition to a proposed new dam construction on the grounds of safety and when Gittes tails him he photographs him with a young woman, Katherine Cross. The photos hit the front page of the paper the next day and Gittes is confronted with the real Evelyn Mulwray. Gittes realizes he had been duped by a phony Mrs. Mulwray. and to repair his reputation, he must figure out who was behind the hiring, and why What Gittes thinks is a routine case of adultery quickly deteriorates into a tangle of deceit, corruption, and treachery. A film inspired by the 1937 Los Angeles Water Wars. (130 mins)

Author: Polanski, Roman
Call Letter: VMce
Call Number: 6
Publication Format: DVD
Publication Year: 1974Website:

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