Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Consultant

The Ecology Center is seeking an Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Consultant

The Ecology Center is a 52-year-old nonprofit located in West Berkeley. Our mission is to inspire and build a sustainable, healthy, and just future for the East Bay, California, and beyond. The Ecology Center has been carrying out this mission through a growing umbrella of programming centered on five major areas: Food & Farming, Zero Waste, Climate, Sustainable Living, and Youth Development. The Ecology Center transforms the ideas of sustainability into everyday practice. We offer information you can act on, infrastructure you can count on, and leadership for lasting change. We are working toward a world of resilient communities, zero waste and toxics, equal access to healthy food, sustainable resource use, and a safe and stable climate.

Founded in the run-up to the first Earth Day in 1970, the Ecology Center has been a regional and national leader on a wide range of issues, turning vision into action and cementing it with advocacy.

The Ecology Center currently employs 45 full-time and part-time staff at two separate facilities, 3 on street farmers’ market locations, and is governed by a five-member Board of Directors. Funding for the Center’s activities comes from multiple sources including a five-year municipal contract with the City of Berkeley, federal and state grants, earned revenue, donations, memberships, and other sources. While the pandemic affected some of its services, a significant portion of the organization’s activities were deemed to be essential (farmers’ markets and residential recycling collection), thus these programs continued without disruption through the pandemic and no staff layoffs occurred.

Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Goals

The Ecology Center has made ongoing efforts to identify barriers to and set goals toward creating more equitable internal systems and to engage our external communities in ways that directly address how systemic racism impacts the organization’s work and outcomes. The organization has also sought ways to recruit and encourage more Black, Indigenous, and People of color (BIPOC) people to fill environmental leadership roles inside and outside the organization. These efforts have been moderately successful in the areas of increased shared and transparent decision-making, addressing fairness and transparency of salaries and wages, and hiring more BIPOC staff in leadership roles and recruiting more BIPOC Board members. The organization has hired several consultants over the years to conduct ad hoc staff wide and targeted training with the aim of disrupting existing norms and organizational culture, and increasing awareness of racial inequities and how biases manifest in the workplace. We also understand there is so much more that can be done.

In the past year, a new EIJ effort has been initiated by the Ecology Center with the goal of embedding this work more fully into the organization’s strategic planning. To this end, the organization wishes to hire a consultant who can help us identify actionable steps toward the following:

1) Assisting the organization in assessing its strengths and weaknesses with regard to EIJ goals
2) Assisting the organization in setting realistic and achievable goals related to EIJ work based on the assessment
3) Helping develop tools, skills and capacity among the staff and leadership to support sustained EIJ work

Desired Qualifications:

We are not asking for an extensive proposal as a part of your demonstrated interest. That said, we do believe the following information could provide helpful context to our selection committee:

  • Consultant or Firm background, core competencies, types of clients that you often work with
  • Experience working with nonprofit organizations with 25-50 staff + a smaller board
    Expectations of the Ecology Center as a client
  • Staff bios for anyone who would potentially be partnering with the Ecology Center
  • Two references that can help us understand your approach / methodology to EIJ work

Primary Correspondents:

The consultant partner will work most closely with the executive director, board vice chair, and at least one non-leadership team staff person.

Timeline of Selection Process, Deliverables and Responding Instructions

Demonstrated interest is preferred by April 15th, 2022 however, inquiries/interest will be accepted and reviewed on an ongoing basis until the role is filled. To request a conversation with our EIJ working committee, please email hiring@ecologycenter.org and use “EIJ Consultant” in the subject line.

• We hope to schedule interviews on an ongoing basis through April and May 2022.
• We hope to determine who our desired partner is by June 2022.
• The Ecology Center has $30,000 budgeted for its EIJ work for the year of 2022 and is open to resourcing this work perennially.

We value diversity. People of color, people LGBTQIA-identified, women, veterans, and formerly incarcerated individuals are strongly encouraged to apply. EOE/AA.