Woodleaf Farm

Danny Lazzarino Drew

Woodleaf farm was started by Carl Rosato in 1980 on a wild piece of land in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, and was certified organic only two years later. From the beginning, Carl has worked to create fertile, balanced soil and a healthy farm ecosystem. Carl limits the need for many organic sprays by working with nature to grow strong, healthy plants which are naturally more resistant to pests and diseases.

Carl has planted over 2,000 fruit trees on 8 acres of his 26 acre property, all interspersed with native oaks, toyon and ceanothus, and surrounded by wildlands. Farming in the foothills means that Woodleaf Farm is isolated from other major agriculture, and so pests don’t migrate into the orchard from nearby fields. Carl values picking fruit as ripe as possible for superior taste and quality. He enjoys teaching people all about farming. Ask him all of your burning questions about peaches the next time you see him at market.

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Markets:South Berkeley (Tuesday)North Berkeley (Thursday)Downtown Berkeley (Saturday)Season:
June – Oct (Tues & Thurs), May – Nov (Sat)Product: Woodleaf farm grows a wide variety of tree fruit, specializing in peaches.Farmer's Name: Danny Lazzarino Drew
Oroville, CA 95966
Email: woodleaffarm@sbcglobal.net
Phone: (530) 589-1696
Website: www.woodleaffarm.comFarm Location:
Oroville, Butte County, CADistance From Berkeley:
137 milesSoil Type: Light clay loam with 4-6% organic matter and nicely balanced minerals.Water Source: Lake WyndotteAbout the Farm:
Woodleaf Farm is owned and managed by Carl Rosato. Carl hires a few seasonal workers to pick and pack his fruit.Organic Certification: Certified Organic by CCOF since 1982Fertilizer: Carl applies 4-6 tons per acre of green waste compost in his orchards annually. He also applies 250 lbs. of gypsum in the orchards in the spring, and balances the soil minerals as needed using other ammendments. He spreads all fertilizer on top of the soil, as opposed to working it in with a disc to avoid soil compaction and exposing the tree’s roots.Weed Control: MowingPest Management: Carl leaves the grasses and clover tall in his orchards for beneficial habitat. He also plants flowering natives all over the farm for habitat. When necessary, he sprays Spinosad to control thrips.Acreage: 8 acres