Sika Ethiopian

Fasika at her standFasika Mebrate is a native of Addis Ababa Ethiopia, who fell in love with Berkeley when she moved here to attend college in 2006. This was also the time she visited her first Farmer’s Market, the Thursday  afternoon Ecology Center market on Shattuck! 

Fasika’s lifetime passion for fresh, organic, high-quality food combined with her love of Farmer’s Markets  and a deep connection to her home’s culture and culinary traditions, was a natural combination for the  authentic, yet unique offering that she provides at market today. Ancient recipes of Africa are utilized to  develop deep flavors in traditional dishes. However, she is not afraid to venture toward the inventive and  combinatory…much like Berkeley itself. Try the Ethiopian grilled cheese sandwich! 

Fasika is excited and honored to be a part of the Ecology Center Farmer’s Markets and looks forward to  giving people an opportunity to enjoy a bit of her culture and vision as well as serving the community she  loves.

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Year-roundProduct: Sika Ethiopian Specialties provides deep-flavored vegetarian stews, grilled specialties and side dishes on fresh baked, gluten-free flat bread called Injera. Try them separately on in combination and make the meal complete with a cup of rich Ethiopian coffee; traditionally brewed from pan-roasted, freshly ground, single-source beans.Farmer's Name: Fasika Mebrate & Tharon Kelly
Berkeley, CA