Off Beet Farm

Off Beet Farm is a 2 acre woman-run farm in Winters, CA that focuses on specialty produce. The farm started in 2019 through the farm incubator program with the Center for Land Based Learning and has since doubled in size.

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Markets:Downtown Berkeley (Saturday)Season:
May-OctoberProduct: Specialty vegetables, tomatoes, peppers, fresh herbs, fruitsFarmer's Name: Sydney Knudsen
Winters, CA
Email: sydney.knudsen@gmail.comDistance From Berkeley:
50 milesSoil Type: Clay loam and sandy loamWater Source: WellOrganic Certification: Not certified organicFertilizer: Food based liquid fertilizerWeed Control: Mechanical cultivation, hand tools, and hand weedingPest Management: Good thoughts!Acreage: 2 acres