La Tercera

Annabelle Lenderink

Annabelle Lenderink has been farming in Marin county for 20 years. Annabelle’s mission at La Tercera is to find forgotten vegetable varieties that are not grown on larger farms — and convince people to eat them! She specializes in unusual French and Italian crops, such as Agretti and Marina d’Chioggia squash, which she markets to restaurants and farmers’ market customers. Annabelle has a background as a chef. Her cooking expertise both fuels her interest in unusual crops, and makes her particularly skilled at marketing those crops to restaurants.

Annabelle describes herself as a “low-input grower,” using cover crops and compost to build soil fertility. “No high-tech here,” she says. “Just lots of manual labor done by professional field workers.” She prides herself in paying her employees as much as she can, consistently well above the going rate for farm labor in California.

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Markets:Downtown Berkeley (Saturday)Season:
July – JanuaryProduct: Heirloom greens, beans, brassicas, fennel, shallots, herbs, and squashFarmer's Name: Annabelle LenderinkMailing Address: P.O. Box 507
Bolinas, CA 94924
Phone: (415) 868-0831Farm Location:
Bolinas, Marin County, CADistance From Berkeley:
30 milesSoil Type: Blucher loamWater Source: CreekAbout the Farm:
Annabelle farms with 6-8 year round employees and volunteers.Organic Certification: Certified Organic by Marin Organic Certified Agriculture since 2002Fertilizer: Compost and cover cropsWeed Control: HoeingPest Management: Raising strong, healthy crops that are naturally more pest resistantAcreage: 4.5 acres