Cult Crackers

Cult Crackers was started by two good friends, Dianna and Birgitta, who met in Berkeley at their kid’s school. With their combined baking, food marketing, and wholesale ovenware backgrounds, they created Cult Crackers to bring Birgitta’s favorite Swedish crackers to market.
These totally addicting, super crunchy crackers are baked by hand with all-organic ingredients, in a dedicated gluten-free kitchen space at the Berkeley Kitchens, a community of small food producers in West Berkeley. At Cult Crackers, we’re all about good food, organic ingredients and sustainable business practices

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Markets:North Berkeley (Thursday)Season:
Year-round (temporarily out, but sold at Three Stone Hearth Booth)Product: Gluten-free and organic Swedish-style seed crackers
Website: Certification: CCOF certified organic