Brooks and Daughters

Jim & Corie Brooks

Jim and Corie Brooks have been growing sprouts and microgreens since 1996.
Before founding “Brooks & Daughters,” Corie worked for 20 years as a food scientist and Jim ran Marin French Cheese, a company owned by his family for 129 years. Brooks & Daughters sprouts are grown using only organic seeds and compost. Jim and Corie strive for an operation in which nothing is wasted and every part contributes to every other. They never use pesticides, herbicides or prepared fertilizers. The compost they use is made from horse manure, chicken manure produced on-site, and spent sprouts. They start all sprouts in buckets of water outdoors and then they “plant” them on 17″ x 17″ open bottom nursery flats and move them into the greenhouse. In the winter, it takes about three weeks in the greenhouse for the sprouts to reach market size, but in the summer, it only takes one week.

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Markets:South Berkeley (Tuesday)Season:
Year-RoundProduct: Sprouts, wheatgrass & wheatgrass juice, pastured eggs, and african violetsFarmer's Name: Jim & Corie BrooksMailing Address: 6595 Ellen Ln.
Forestville, CA 95436
Phone: (707) 887-8747Farm Location:
Forestville, Sonoma County, CADistance From Berkeley:
65 milesSoil Type: Organic CompostWater Source: MunicipalAbout the Farm:
Brooks & Daughters is owned and managed by Jim & Corie Brooks. Their daughters Geneva & Lindsay work summers, and they employ 1-2 part-time employees most of the year.Organic Certification: Not Certified OrganicFertilizer: NoneWeed Control: Hand-weedingPest Management: Shade & hardware cloth.Waste Management: Chicken waste is composted and used for growing sprouts.Acreage: 1 acreAnimal Care Practices: Chickens are loose in a chicken yard during daylight hours.Herd/Flock Size: 35 hensFeeding Practices: Organic laying mash; sprouted beans, grains, and greens.