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No PG&E Bailout! Clean, Safe, Public Energy Now

Tuesday | December 11, 2018 | 12:00 pm — 3:00 pm

It’s time for the people to take back the power grid, lead a transition to local clean energy, and tackle the climate crisis.

Let’s get started.


** Hold PG&E and other utilities accountable for their failure to properly maintain equipment, which has cost lives, livelihoods and ecosystems.

** Make PG&E, and other utility companies liable for starting fires, pay in full for their impact.

** The state can transition the infrastructure to decentralized/democratized public power and community choice aggregation programs.

** Refuse to bailout negligent, investor-owned corporations, rescind the ability for them to shift costs to customers (enabled by Senate Bill 901), and refuse to add “cleanup legislation” to extend SB 901 bailout tactics to 2018 or any future fires.

** Support legislative efforts to implement demands to break up the energy monopolies and replace them with decentralized, locally controlled public utilities, followed with plans to hasten the transition to cleaner energy.

** The California Public Utilities Commission has been complicit in PG&E’s destruction by backing bailouts and stalling on moves to efficiently bring in cleaner, safer, public utilities. We need local commissioners invested in local, safe, clean energy systems.

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Cost: Free
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