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New Economic Paradigms for Peace and the Planet: Intersectional Feminist Perspectives

Thursday | April 15, 2021 | 9:30 am — 11:30 am

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RSVP Join the Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights for the fourth panel of our Spring 2021 Speaker Series. To join the webinar, Zoom registration is required. Our Degrowth Is Intersectional: Feminist Decolonial Pathways for Sustainable Futures Corinna Dengler, Senior Lecturer, Global Political Economy and Development Master’s Program, University of Kassel This intervention introduces degrowth scholarship and activism and discusses how it can help us to build a new economic paradigm – a paradigm that ventures beyond what Rachel Carson has called the “war on life”, a war arising from an economic system that structurally depends on the exploitation of nature, women, and people discriminated against in terms of, for example, class, race, and gender. Having its origins in an ecological critique of our economic system, this talk emphasizes that a degrowth alternative necessarily needs to embrace intersectionality in order to pave the way for socially (and also: gender-) just and ecologically sustainable futures. We Can Envision the End of Patriarchy; What About Race? and Capitalism? Patricia (Ellie) Perkins, Professor, Department of Environmental Studies, York University The current pandemic heightens massive, racialized, gendered, class-based, geographic and ecological inequities, with life-and-death consequences for millions. How, at what point — or is it even possible — to repudiate and replace the systems behind this catastrophe, while climate chaos looms? How to distinguish helpful actions from those which just help the current systems to reinvent themselves? I suggest some ideas grounded in wellbeing, care, and stabilizing feedbacks. Addressing COVID-Nomics and Its Implications to Transform the World from an Afrikan Feminist Perspective Lebohang Liepollo Pheko, Senior Research Fellow, Trade Collective The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed weaknesses of capitalism as an economy and polity and revealed the huge potential of post-capitalism. Afrikan feminist scholars, activists, researchers have collectively critiqued current market orthodox models of macro and micro economics made with ongoing forms of colonialism, including colonialisation of natural resources, of the economy, of political relations, and of health provision. *** This speaker series is cosponsored by the University of Massachusetts Boston’s Anthropology Dept; Conflict Resolution, Human Security and Global Governance Dept; Economics Dept; History Dept; Philosophy Dept; Political Science Dept; Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Dept; Human Rights Minor; the Honors College; and the School for Global Inclusion and Social Development.

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