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Lunchbox Project at Fruitvale Village

Thursday | June 12, 2014 | 12:00 pm

Fruitvale Village Farmers’ Market | East 12th Street and 34th Avenue, Oakland, CA 94601

Ever wonder what happens to all those lunchtime to-go containers?

We did too. It turns out that 95 percent of plastics in California end up in the landfill instead of the recycling bin. Think of all of the salads, sushi, and sandwiches served to-go in a plastic container each and every day…it adds up to a staggering amount! More than 30% of total waste in the U.S. is containers and packaging!

Once we did the math, the solution became clear as that plastic clamshell holding your side of fries. The solution is us. Just as the reusable grocery bag represents a simple yet powerful fix for the problem of the plastic bag, the reusable lunchbox container is an idea whose time has come. Order your chicken teriyaki in a Tupperware instead and reduce the amount of plastic plodding toward our landfills, gutters, and the ocean.

Join us at noon on June 12th at the Fruitvale Village Farmers Market at Fruitvale Village in Oakland (next to Fruitvale BART Station) for the third Lunchbox Project event! RSVP in advance for the event and you’ll be entered into a raffle for cool reusable products!

Hundreds of people will purchase lunch in their own containers to attract attention to the issue of plastic waste and inspire others to do the same. All you have to do is show up with your own container and be ready to be seen.

Sign up so we can remind you of the event and to bring your reusable cup and container!

The Lunchbox Project – let’s bring it! Sign up now!

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