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Hive Health Workshop: Honey Bee Health, Diseases, and Treatments

Sunday | June 22, 2014 | 11:00 am

Pollinate Farm and Garden | 2727 Fruitvale Avenue, Oakland, CA 94601

Join us for a Workshop on Hive Health with Alameda County Beekeepers Association member and local hobbyist beekeeper and bee breeder Alan Kramer. Learn how to tell whether your colony is healthy or suffering from a honey bee pathogen.   If your colony is not doing well, learn how to recognize what is affecting it and your options for bringing it back to health.

This class covers the basics of assessing the health of your colony of honeybees through a basic  hive inspection.  This will include the signs of a healthy hive and the signs of the most common diseases and infestations of honey bee hives.  Because infestation by Varroa Destructor mites are one of the most common parasites impacting virtually every honey bee colony in the Bay Area, the workshop will include special focus on assessing levels of Varroa infestation, signs of severe Varroa infestation (Parasitic Mite Syndrome or PMS), and treatment options for Varroa mites.  Other common bee diseases and typical treatment options will be discussed, and the workshop will include a hands-on heath inspection of a backyard bee colony.

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This event is wheelchair accessible.

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