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FREE Worm Composting Workshop

Saturday | February 27, 2021 | 9:00 am — 10:30 am

Online Event


Worm composting is a fun, easy and efficient way of turning food scraps into a homemade organic soil amendment. As an alternative to basic home bin composting, worm composting is a tidy and contained method that lends itself wonderfully to gardeners in small spaces, renters and apartment dwellers, and folks without access to a large outdoor garden space. That said, all gardeners and urban farmers should take advantage of this amazing tool for building healthy soil! In this virtual webinar, StopWaste educator and Master Composter Jeannie Pham will show you how to partner with red wiggler worms, build and maintain a worm bin, harvest worm castings, and make use of them in your garden. We explore the differences between basic composting and worm composting and their different uses, and we connect you to plenty of follow up resources.

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Cost: Free

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