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Fast Though Not Necessarily Easy Mead Making

Sunday | November 12, 2017 | 10:00 am — 1:00 pm

Make mead that is drinkable in 1 month. Traditional meads take a year (or more) to age and be drinkable, but meads can be made much faster. This allows you to experiment with small batches, get results quickly, and repeat with a big batch of a particularly tasty recipe/honey. You will learn about yeast, what equipment you need, how to prepare must (unfermented mead), what flavors work well together, fermentation, sanitation, and bottling. You will learn how to use a hydrometer. There will be a tasting of some of Jim’s meads along the way. We will then make batches of mead in class to take home to ferment. Be warned that making meads faster requires a more complicated recipe than traditional mead and more cooking science understanding. The quick, reliable results are well worth the effort.
Instructor: Jim Veitch is a Berkeley beekeeper who has been making fast mead for the last 2 years and experimenting with different delicious recipes, including ginger, galangal, dry wine mead, and more.
OPTIONAL TAKE A BATCH OF MEAD HOME: If you want to make 1 gallon of mead in class to take home, bring 1 quart of liquid honey (not crystallized). The instructor will supply other materials: 1-gallon glass carboy, airlock and hydrometer for an optional $15 fee. Yeast (WY1388) (choice of yeast is critical to not needing to age your mead) is an extra $8 fee per 1-gallon lot. You can also assist and observe others making mead if you don’t want to make any in class.

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