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Extraordinary Beers: Homebrewing with Herbs and Spices

Saturday | August 19, 2017 | 12:00 pm — 3:00 pm

Homestead Apothecary, Laurel Location | 3807 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, CA

Beer is anything but ordinary. Roasted flavors of kilned barley, the addition of potent herbs called hops, ultimately transformed through a mysterious process governed by an unseen agent, yeast—this drink, which was once only reserved for shamanic rituals, transforms the drinker physically and emotionally. But beer itself is undergoing a transformation as craft culture matures and we become aware of the possibilities for bold flavors and unconventional ingredients. Beer is going back to its extraordinary roots through the use of herbs and spices— lavender, basil, rosemary, anise, yarrow, mugwort, chamomile, juniper, rose hips can all be found in commercially available beers.

In this class we’ll brew a 1 gallon batch of an all-grain seasonal and experimental beer. We’ll go through all the steps: mashing, sparging, boiling, cooling, pitching, and even bottling, and we’ll do it on a scale that’s easy for anyone to do in their kitchen. We’ll focus on herbal and spiced beers, learning about the history, chemistry, and flavor combinations. Everyone goes home with a couple of beers they bottled themselves. We’ll do tastings throughout the class: attendees should bring a bottle of their favorite herbal, spiced, or other extraordinary beer to share.

TEACHER BIO: Gilbert Guerrero is an Oakland homebrewing enthusiast and founder of Temescal Homebrewing, which provides starter kits and curated recipes to kitchen brewers, craft revolutionaries, and fermentation enthusiasts, with the mission of preserving tradition and contributing to local culture. He is also co-founder of Shapeshifters Cinema, a monthly expanded cinema series held at the Temescal Art Center. To combine his passions for experimental film and performance art, and delicious handcrafted beer, he is currently working on a plan to open a brewery and cinema in Oakland.

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