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Ecotopia 2050 Book Club #3: Lifestyle

Thursday | December 10, 2020 | 6:00 pm — 7:30 pm

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Ecotopia 2050 Book Club

Join the Ecology Center for our Fall Programming, Ecotopia 2050: Book Club and Speaker Series! In the Book Club, we will be reading and discussing Ernest Callenbach’s utopian novel, “Ecotopia” (1975), an antidote to the environmental crisis present today. Set in 2020, the book describes a North America where California, Oregon, and Washington have seceded from the United States and created an ecologically restored and advanced society. Here, nothing is wasted, fossil fuels have been nearly eliminated, and people are responsible for taking care of their environment. Ecotopians have “…come to see that their survival and happiness depend upon giving as much weight to the biological bottom line as to the economic bottom line.” 

What to Bring: Yourself and Thoughts!

Students, Bookworms, and Environmental Justice Community Welcomed!

In our book club we hope to bring people together to discuss the implications of the ecological, technological, and lifestyle changes present in the book, how they compare to the actual 2020, and where we see ourselves in the near future of 2050. If you are a bookworm concerned with the climate crisis, a student, or just wish to discuss environmental topics with your community, join us to get inspired and seek environmental change! We will meet via zoom and share resources via Google Classroom

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Book Club is a FREE add-on with the purchase of an episode 
Limited Income $60 full series $20 single episode
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No-one turned away for lack of funds.
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As the Ecology Center also commemorates its 50th Anniversary, the series is reflective of some of the aspirations and visions that the original founders of the Ecology Center had for the Bay area and Beyond. The vision for a world of sustainable cities; empowered resilient communities; zero waste and zero toxins; equal access to healthy food; sustainable resource use; and a safe and stable climate

Discussion Breakdowns:

Ecotopia Book Club #1: Stable States

Date: Thursday, November 5, 2020, 6:00-7:30 PM
Platform: Zoom Webinar
Description: “Stable States” are part of Ecotopia’s mission to create a sustainable society through recycling and reuse. In this book club, we will discuss how values of biological stasis have affected Ecotopian society, and what changes we could see benefitting ours for a better future.


Ecotopia Book Club #2: Energy, Transporation & Technology

Date: Thursday, November 19, 2020, 6:00-7:30 PM
Platform: Zoom Webinar
Description: Market Street has become a pedestrian mall and bicycles and electric vehicles have replaced cars on San Francisco’s busy streets. Ecotopians have adopted renewable power sources such as solar, wind, tides, and heat to power their systems. In this book club we will discuss changes in energy and transportation that have made Ecotopian life more efficient, and what we can take away to create a more sustainable 2050 future.

Ecotopia Book Club #3: Lifestyle

Date: December 10, 2020, 6:00-7:30PM
Platform: Zoom Webinar
Description:: Ecotopian Lifestyle includes a reduced workday, unusual styles of communication, creative dress codes, reverent relationships with nature, and a unique acceptance of inherent aggression in our species. In this episode, we will discuss how these lifestyles support Ecotopian society, how they differ from what we currently experience, and what we can take away as tools toward creating our 2050 future.


We recommend reading the whole book, beginning to end and the epilogue and afterward if you have the 30th or 40th Anniversary editions. While reading the book is not necessary to get a lot out of the discussions, we recommend familiarity with it and perhaps reading key sections for each dialogue. However, for the very sort on time or interest, there is the Wikipedia summary, A summary and study guide at:

Additional Ecotopia Dialogue Focused Readings:

Michael Pollan
Episode #2: Ecotopia and The Future of Food
Food, Sewage, and Stable States
Communications in Ecotopia: Press Television and Publishing


Obi Kauffman
Episode #3: An Atlas to Ecotopia                  
In Ecotopia’s Big Woods
Peoples’ Relationship to Nature


Aya de Leon
Episode #4: Women in Power: Politicians, Sex, and Law in Ecotopia
Race in Ecotopia: Apartied or Equality


Annie Leonard
Episode #5: Ecotopia The Story Without Stuff
Their Plastic and Ours
Energy From Sun and Sea
Consumerism (Story of Stuff)
Corporate Regulation

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Cost: Free – $110.00

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