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Dig In! 2019 – Six-Part Edible Gardening Series

Saturday | March 30, 2019 | 10:00 am — Saturday | May 04, 2019 | 12:00 pm

Do you want to get your hands dirty? Learn how to garden this spring!

This six-part workshop series is designed to teach you everything you need to start growing food in your backyard in a supportive and hands-on environment.

San Francisco provides a perfect climate for growing food year-round food! Even a small backyard space can be enough to grow healthy veggies. In this six-part workshop series, you will first build a raised bed together, and then you will learn how to make healthy soil, build a simple irrigation system, plant and care for veggies, and harvest your crops.

All materials, tools, and gloves will be provided for the workshops at GFE. 


Part I: Raised Bed Construction
March 30th, 10am to 12pm

Learn about different types of raised beds and reasons you might want one to grow veggies, and then work with the teachers and other workshop participants to build a new raised bed at GFE!

Part II: Growing Healthy Soil
April 6th, 10am to 12pm

Learn about soil types and how to create and maintain healthy soil for vegetable growing, and then add and amend soil in the new bed that you built the previous week.

Part III: DIY Drip Irrigation
April 13th, 10am to 12pm

Learn about basic home drip irrigation systems, learn how to put drip irrigation parts together with hands-on practice, and then build a drip irrigation system for the newly built veggie bed.

Part IV: Planting Calendars & Crop Rotation
April 20th, 10am to 12pm

Learn about what veggies you can grow at each time of year and how to alternate crops to prevent disease and keep your soil healthy, then make a planting plan for the new veggie bed.

Part V: Planting Your Edible Garden
April 27th, 10am to 12pm

Learn tips and techniques for planting seeds and seedlings and then plant out the new veggie beds you built based on the plans made in the previous workshop.

Part VI: Care & Harvest of Your Backyard Garden
May 4th, 10am to 12pm

Learn how to maintain your veggie plants as they grow, keep them healthy and free of pests, and when and how to harvest different types of vegetables. We will celebrate the end of the course by harvesting from the GFE veggie beds so you can test San Francisco grown produce!


What are my transportation/parking options?

Although there is street parking available, it can be challenging on weekends. Public transportation is frequent and nearby, so it’s a great option! The 6, 36, 43, and 44, bus lines and the N Judah all run within a few blocks of the garden. Forest Hill Station is also nearby and you can take the 43 or 44 directly from there to the garden.

What should I bring to the workshop?

Classes are held outside in our teaching garden. We recommend bringing a hat and sunscreen, comfortable closed toed shoes, a full water bottle, and lots of layers. You may also want to bring a notebook to take notes on what you are learning and you are welcome to bring food and join us for a picnic lunch in the garden at noon.

Do you ever cancel workshops?

We try our best not to cancel, but if the weather forecast suggests it is very likely to be pouring rain, we will cancel the workshop and notify attendees by 5pm the day before. We do hold classes in drizzling weather, however, so come prepared with rain gear. We are also occasionally forced to cancel workshops due to other unforeseen circumstances. In any case, we will happily register you for another workshop or refund your workshop fee.

Happy gardening!

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Cost: $175
Please contact organizer for wheelchair accessibility information.

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