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Webinar: Cultivating a Thriving Ecology of Leadership

Thursday | April 10, 2014 | 11:00 am — 12:15 pm

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How Inner Permaculture Brings Depth and Resilience to our Work in the World.

Many great visionaries of our time have been reminding us that the outer shifts we are working so hard to achieve in the world are rooted – and must be supported – by inner shifts… That we must be and embody the change we are seeking. As we expand our capacity as change-agents in these deep times of transition, this webinar will provide an opportunity to explore the relationship between the landscapes within and how we show up as leaders in our work for the world, and in our lives.  What becomes possible when we deepen our self-awareness to discover our deeper inner operating system, and the often unconscious patterns that hold us back?  What is the role of deep nature connection, personal practice, and community in cultivating a vibrant and fertile ecology for leadership to emerge and thrive – within us and around us?  What will be required, and who are we being called to become as the future generations call us forward to make a difference?  And how can we design a life that feels inspiring AND contributes powerfully to the transformation of our world?

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