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Coiled Baskets From Recycled Materials

Sunday | April 11, 2021 | 2:00 pm — 3:00 pm

Online Event

In this online Coiled Basket workshop, textile and fine artist Judith Schonebaum will share with you the fascinating indigenous tradition of coiling, a technique of winding up fiber like a snake while stitching the coils together as you move up the project.

Historically coiled baskets were made from reeds, grasses and tree fibers and were used as water jugs, trays, bowls and storage containers (the original Tupperware!). Contemporary coiled baskets incorporate new materials and innovative basket weavers are always experimenting with fiber of the new age. Newspapers, aluminum, plastics, steel, paper are all materials used to construct today’s baskets.

Learn how to continue a centuries old “reusables” practice as Judith shows you, step-by-step, how to make a small basket made from recycled fabrics and plastic bags. Using scissors and string, wire and tape and discarded materials you find around your home, create a beautiful basket with your own, unique creative stamp on it.

Judith Schonebaum is a popular functional textile art instructor in the Bay Area and beyond. She focuses on creating functional, decorative and wearable art from recycled textiles and plastic materials. She received her BA in Find Arts from the University of Vermont including attending an intensive folk art program at the Shelburne Museum.

You will be sent a material and tool list prior to the class.

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Cost: $10 – $15
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