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Beer Tasting Seminar: Understanding Malt with Admiral Maltings

Saturday | February 02, 2019 | 1:30 pm — 3:30 pm

A two-hour tasting seminar, served with crackers to cleanse the palate. We highly recommend eating a heavy snack or meal before arriving. 

Hops bask in the limelight when it comes to beer these days. Citra this, and Simcoe that, but what about the malt? Unless you are a homebrewer, there isn’t much education and information for the casual consumer to learn about the backbone of beer. Where malt comes from, when, and how it was made makes a world of difference to the beverage in your hand. Sip and learn with Dave McLean from Admiral Maltings in a tasting seminar designed to illustrate the role of malt in beer. With Dave’s years of experience in the beer industry in the Bay Area, you’ll learn how raw barley is transformed into malt for brewers and distillers. Learn about the different kinds of malt, their uses, and how they are deployed in beer to bring about a wide range of flavors, aromas, and color.

Dave’s malt talk is close to home: Admiral Maltings is a local pioneer in the revival of craft malting, partnering with California farmers to source sustainably grown grain that they floor malt to produce freshly kilned, hand-crafted, small batch malt. In this seminar, you’ll taste malt samples as well as six beers brewed with Admiral Malt, highlighting the specific contributions to each beer’s overall flavor profile.

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Cost: $45 – $55
Please contact organizer for wheelchair accessibility information.

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