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All About Dehydration

Wednesday | July 16, 2014 | 6:30 pm — 9:30 pm

The Institute of Urban Homesteading | North Oakland, CA

What is it about foods like jerky, apricots, nori, and sun dried tomatoes that makes them so delicious?   Dehydration, one of the oldest and simplest methods of preservation,  concentrates, develops and matures flavors while preserving nutrition. This class will introduce you to the science and art of dehydration. After an introduction  to the culinary, nutritional and historical background of dehydration as a means of preservation, we’ll survey the different options for dehydrating at home including the oven method, stove method, pilot method, electric drier and solar drier,  We’ll talk about, how to select  and prepare the best produce and meats for dehydration, proper temperatures for best preservation and storage of the finished products.  We’ll learn to make some well-known favorites such as meat jerky and fruit leather, but also some more esoteric dehydration practices, such as broth, bread and yeast. We’ll prepare some things in class that can be taken home to dry on your own or picked up from the instructor a few days later.

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Cost: $10 - $65
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