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Alliance for a Post Petroleum Local Economy (APPLE)
A grassroots group concerned about the repercussions of higher priced or less available oil and natural gas in…
530 478-1700
Bay Area Community Exchange (BACE)
A collaborative network that supports the development of alternative means of exchange in the San Francisco Bay Area.…
Bay Localize
Works towards building a diverse, multi-sectoral coalition that advances localization at the local and regional levels throughout the…
510 834-0420
436 14th Street, Suite 1218
Oakland, CA 94612
Buy Local Berkeley c/o Downtown Berkeley Association
A collaborative of merchant associations and individual small business owners in Berkeley. They educate about the cultural, environmental,…
510 549-2230
2230 Shattuck Avenue Suite C, Lower Level
Berkeley, CA 94704
Edible East Bay
A quarterly magazine that celebrates the abundant local foods of Alameda and Contra Costa counties.…
510 225-5776
4200 Park Blvd. #267
Oakland, CA 94602