ResourceContact Info
Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF)
Website features a carbon footprint calculator and carbon offsets.…
866 233-8247
240 SW 1st Avenue
Portland, OR 97204
Clean Air Cool Planet
Offers the “Consumers’ Guide to Retail Carbon Offset Providers”, a useful way to evaluate programs for their standards.…
603 422-6464
100 Market St., Ste 204
Portsmouth, NH 03801
Climate Neutral Network
A nonprofit dedicated to helping companies, communities and consumers achieve a net zero impact on the Earth’s climate.…
541 490-2860
610 Middlecrest Road
Lake Oswego, OR 97034
Native Energy
Privately held Native American energy company that builds Native American, farmer-owned, and charitable purpose renewable energy projects that…
800 924-6826
3 Main Street, Suite 212
Burlington, VT 05401
Sustainable Travel International
Environmentally friendly travels program that protects cultural heritage. They also operate a carbon offset program. Hours (us): 8am-5pm…
503 488-5500
835 SW Williams Drive
White Salmon, WA 98672