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Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF)
Website features a carbon footprint calculator and carbon offsets.…
866 233-8247
240 SW 1st Avenue
Portland, OR 97204
Cool California Carbon Calculator
The portal provides an innovative statewide carbon footprint calculator for California households, individuals and communities, including links to…
916 322-3893
Ecological Footprint — Center for Sustainable Economy
The Ecological Footprint Quiz estimates the area of land and ocean required to support your consumption of food,…
505 986-1163
1704 -B Liano St, Suite 194
Santa Fe, NM 87505
EPA Climate Change – Greenhouse Gas Emissions
You can use the EPA’s online calculator to get a rough “ballpark” estimate of your personal or family’s…
Ocean Arks International
Nonprofit ecological research, education, and technological development organization that focuses on “ecotechnologies,” which are based on strategies found…