Vendor Education

Educate Vendors in Scrip Redemption Rules and Procedures

Vendor education is an ongoing process. The market operator should educate returning vendors and new employees about EBT scrip, how the process works, and which products are eligible. SNAP rules state no U.S. currency is to be given as change and that each customer must receive full value for scrip.

Vendors should be able to direct customers, who want to shop with their EBT cards, to the information booth or staff person to get scrip. Further, vendors can help to promote EBT use at the market through their interactions with customers. For resources on vendor education in English and Spanish, click on templates below.

Please review USDA’s SNAP retailer permit training materials to be aware of all regulations that you must comply with.


Sometimes it may be neccessary to provide a “cheat sheet” for your market vendors. This is especially useful if you have multiple types of market currency (EBT, Credit/Debit, WIC, incentives.) A cheat sheet will provide the information about the program to your vendors, including photos of your various market currencies. If you want assistance modifying these templates, please contact us.

Farmer/Vendor Handouts: