CDSS POS Device Contract

If you have chosen the free Point Of Sale (POS) option from CDSS, when FNS approves your application, Dianne will send you a contract from FIS Government Solutions, the company contracted by the State of California to provide wireless EBT services. If it has been 45 days or more from when you submitted your FNS application AND mailed in your supporting documentation, and you have not heard from FNS or CDSS, you should contact FNS immediately to ensure they received your paperwork.

Once you sign the contract for a wireless POS device, FIS Government Solutions will then set up an account and program a POS device with your identifying information to enable EBT to be deposited directly in your bank account. A FIS Government Solutions representative will train market staff in the operation of the device, and will be available to assist if you experience technical problems or have a defective device.

The state will pay for these services. If you have any problems reaching FIS Government Solutions, or do not receive a timely response to issues, contact Dianne Padilla-Bates at CDSS immediately.

About two weeks after FIS Government Solutions receives your signed contract, you should receive your wireless POS device. This device will process EBT transactions only. It does not have the option to accept debit or credit cards. If you would like to set up a system to accept credit and debit cards, see Alternate Technology in the Point of Sale (POS) Device tab above.

CDSS may be able to provide a POS device for each individual market accepting CalFresh. Contact Dianne for details.

Note: A market may also choose to offer a customer access to their EBT Cash Benefits (CalWORKs) when setting up its POS device with FIS Government Solutions. Unlike CalFresh, CalWORKs Benefits can be spent on almost anything (rent, bills, groceries, etc.). This means that if your market does not set-up a separate scrip system, you must ensure that the customer understands that the EBT Scrip is good for CalFresh eligible foods only.