EBT Scrip

Designing and ordering your EBT Scrip is the next step. If you wish, you may do this before you receive FNS authorization. The scrip design does not have to be approved by state or federal entities, however there are some design requirements for all farmers’ market EBT scrip. See EBT Scrip Design Requirements below.

The market operator is responsible for scrip design and cost. The Ecology Center Farmers’ Market EBT Program may be able to assist by designing, ordering and/or purchasing EBT scrip for California Certified Farmers’ Markets. If you require assistance with this, please contact us!

materials & quantity

  • Paper is physically easier to handle than tokens, but potentially more easily counterfeited. If you use paper scrip, “Kant Kopy” paper or similar non-photocopyable paper is recommended.
  • Tokens can be cumbersome in large quantities, but are long-lasting and are less prone to counterfeit.
  • While “wooden nickels” are very popular, plastic tokens are thinner and more durable, but more expensive than wood.
  • Markets that expect a high EBT volume may choose metal tokens and a coin counter to reduce staff time counting the EBT scrip.
  • 1000 tokens is suitable for most mid-size markets. Smaller markets (<10 vendors) may only need 500 tokens. For wooden nickels, 500 tokens cost approximately $120 and 1000 tokens cost approximately $170. Large markets may want to consider greater quantities.
  • Printing or stamping serial numbers on all scrip is optional, and increases the cost.

design requirements

  • Market or association name or logo
  • Must say “NO CHANGE GIVEN”
  • Must say “EBT” or “SNAP”
  • Token denominations can be $.50 or $1.00 ONLY


Wooden Nickel Company

Plasco Token Factory


Ecology Center Farmers’ Market EBT Program