At-Market and Community Promotion

Here you will find editable promotional materials like posters and banners for establishing and promoting your market’s EBT program.

We may be able to assist farmers’ markets in need with design, order and purchase of EBT Scrip as well as other promotional materials. Please contact us for more details.

At Market Promotion

The very first place you want to promote your CalFresh EBT program is at your market! Be sure to hang clear, visible signage that alerts customers that they can use their benefits there. If you do not have a central table or information booth, make sure that there is signage directing customers to where they can swipe their card.

You can download free signage and customizable outreach brochures and posters under Free Promotional Materials below.

For other promotional ideas, visit the FNS website.

Community Promotion & Education

Keeping your market accessible to all customers entitles bragging rights. Send out a press release, post it on your website and marketing materials, and include it on all posters and flyers distributed throughout your community!

When conducting outreach, consider joining forces with other farmers’ markets in your county, as well as local organizations and social service agencies, to launch an outreach campaign. Distribute informational and promotional flyers through your community’s faith groups, local coffee shops, and community and senior centers. Consider translating your materials so they are accessible to non-English speakers. Finally, remember to promote your market’s new EBT Program during market events such as grand openings, tastings, and cooking demos!

Farmers' Market Finder

Get included in our online and mobile Farmers’ Market Finder tool: Please visit the site and check your market’s information. If your market info needs to be updated, or you have newly added EBT access, please email us at

Free Promotional Materials

FREE! Our new beautifully designed informational and outreach materials for use at your market and in your community. We have the following bilingual materials available for markets, free of charge. You may also download and print on your own by clicking the links. Please contact us at to receive some by mail. Be sure to tell us the type of scrip you are using (tokens or paper) and the quantity of each type that you require.

If you need a version for professional printing (with bleeds), please reach out and we can provide one for you.


Info Booth Poster
This 11″ x 17″ information booth poster describes the EBT process both verbally and visually. There are separate English and Spanish versions, and each also has paper scrip/vouchers and token options.

Vendor Booth Sign
This 8.5″ x 11″ bilingual English/Spanish vendor booth sign offers two options – one with paper scrip/vouchers and the other tokens.

EBT Coming Soon Sign
This 11″ x 17″ bilingual English/Spanish poster lets customers know that EBT is coming soon to your market.

EBT Banners
This 2′ x 5′ banner visually depicts the scrip/central POS model and is a great addition to your information booth or EBT station. It is available as either bilingual English/Spanish or English/Mandarin. There are two versions for each language; one depicting paper scrip/vouchers and the other tokens.

EBT Token Guide for Customers
This 8.5″ x 11″ sheet explains what EBT customers can and can’t purchase with EBT tokens at the market. This is useful to have at the information booth.


EBT Outreach Poster
This 11″ x 17″ bilingual English/Spanish poster is a great outreach tool in your community. Simply add in your market(s) information.

EBT Outreach Flyer
These 8.5″ x 5.5″ (half-sheet) bilingual English/Spanish flyers can be disseminated in your community. Simply add in your market(s) information. Intended for in-house printing, there are two flyers per page. Simply cut down the middle to make half-sheet flyers.

EBT Tri-fold Brochures
We also have customizable, county specific brochures and inserts available by request. The are available in five different languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Armenian. Take a look at the examples below, and if you would like one made for your county, reach out to us at or at (510) 925-4001.

Please see the additional languages we have available below:


For free, printed signage, contact:

Ecology Center Farmers’ Market EBT Program