Western States Legal Foundation

Investigates and challenges nuclear weapons programs at the Livermore, Los Alamos, Sandia National Laboratories and the Nevada Test Site. Seeks to abolish nuclear weapons and compel open public review of hazardous nuclear technologies. Also to ensure appropriate management of nuclear waste. Grounded in both international and environmental law which is the principle guiding WSLF’s activities is advancement of the democratization of policies affecting nuclear weapons and related technologies. WSLF’s legal, technical and organizing activities support public participation in shaping domestic and global nuclear policy. A founding member of Abolition 2000.

Website: www.wslfweb.orgEmail: wslf@earthlink.netPhone: 510 839-5877Mailing Address:655 13th Street, Suite 201 Preservation Park
Oakland, CA 94612Date Updated: 4/4/2014