Strybing Arboretum Society

The Strybing Arboretum Society is a nonprofit support organization for the Strybing Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.

Strybing Arboretum and Botanical Gardens is a living museum for the enjoyment and exploration of the natural world. As a public garden, we serve the residents of San Francisco, the Bay Area community, and our visitors by:

Cultivating and displaying a unique and diverse collection of plant from around the world in a setting of exceptional beauty.

Educating children and adults in gardening, horticulture, botany, and the natural environment.

Instilling appreciation of the value of plants in our lives and the importance of conserving them.

Website: 415 661-1316Mailing Address:Golden Gate Park Ninth Avenue at Lincoln Way
San Francisco, CA 94122Date Updated: 6/27/2014