Predator Friendly Certification

Predator Friendly grew out of a conversation between a sheep rancher and a conservationist. Each recognized the keystone role of native predators and farms to conservation. Why not let consumers know about farms practicing wildlife stewardship?

In 1991, a coalition of ranchers, conservationists and clothing manufacturers began to certify wool growers using Predator Friendly practices. In 2003, the program expanded to include producers of meats, eggs, honey and more.

Humane Practices and Wildlife Stewardship
Many predators are keystone species – as critical to an ecosystem as the keystone of an archway. Predator Friendly producers coexist with coyotes, bears, mountain lions and other wild animals.

Our certified farms and ranches use humane practices to keep livestock safe and wildlife alive. Through pasture management strategies, guardian animals such as dogs and llamas, and vigilant observation, Predator Friendly producers reduce the risk of conflict between livestock and wildlife. Website features a list of producers, and an online store of yarn, roving, fleece, meat, dairy, honey, and breeding stock.

Website: Updated: 9/19/2012