Ponderosa Tree Service

They are a diamond certified tree service company providing service in large tree removals, tree maintenance, and tree planting. Offering free mulch and wood chips on a delivery basis. They only do big loads of free mulch and wood chips. Call them for details about drop off.

Description of mulch:

1) Quantity- Approx. 18 cubic yards delivered at a time, no less.
2) Composition varies- ground up trees includes leafy matter and wood chips mixed together; Pine, Eucalyptus, etc.
3) Size of pile: 20’x10’x5′
4) Aprox. 90 bags of mulch .

Website: www.ponderosatreeservice.comEmail: info@ponderosatreeservice.comPhone: 510 845-3644Mailing Address:P.O. Box 11277
Berkeley, CA 94712Date Updated: 2/6/2014