Phytoremediation and Medicinal Plants, Department of Plant and Microbial Biology

Dr. Norman Terry is a Professor of Plant Biology at the University of California, Berkeley. His multidisciplinary research laboratory in the Department of Plant and Microbial Biology focuses on phytoremediation technology. As an alternative to more expensive and less efficient technologies commonly in use for toxic cleanup, phytoremediation is a novel, efficient, environmentally-friendly, low-cost technology which uses plants to clean up heavy metals and other toxic compounds from contaminated environments. Case studies include: Use of constructed wetlands to decontaminate wastewater; Use of phytoremediation to decontaminate soil; Microbial remediation of toxic trace elements; Phytodetoxification of contaminated water and soil; On-farm treatment of contaminated drainage water; Phytostabilization and habitat restoration of contaminated soils.

Website: nterry@berkeley.eduPhone: 510 642-3510Mailing Address:111 Koshland Hall, UC Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720Date Updated: 12/13/2013