Omni Commons

A space in Oakland, collectively stewarded by a group of Bay Area collectives. Its express purpose is to build consensus among member collectives with minimal possible bureaucracy for the administration of a common space and sharing of resources for the use and stewardship of the greater community. Each collective puts forth a delegate to participate in the consensus process.

The types of groups: Donation-based, Volunteer-led, Non-profit, Worker Owned, Offering value to the public for free or sliding scale.

Their core values: social, economic & environmental justice, Maintaining active, publicly accessible commons,
Fostering radical discourse and education, Removing barriers to technical innovation and scientific inquiry by providing needed equipment and space for individual and group learning, and Providing a venue for innovative cultural production.

Website: omnicommons.orgMailing Address:4799 Shattuck Avenue
Oakland, CA 94609Date Updated: 2/18/2015