Lehman’s Non-Electric Catalog

Online vendor and brick-and-mortar general store with many “old-fashioned” household implements. Features a refrigerator which runs on LP gas and uses ammonia, and a waterless composting toilet. Carries many non-electric, off the grid equipment. Sells rain barrels. Products include: wooden toys, natural cleaners, washboards, weather gauges, farming and building tools, compost bins, live traps, water filters, DIY books, composting toilets, food preserving supplies, stoneware crocks, stainless steel and cast iron cookware, food mills and grinders, rain barrels. Website also features many how-to articles.

Website: www.lehmans.comPhone: 888 438-5346 customer serviceMailing Address:4779 Kidron Road
Dalton, OH 44618Date Updated: 2/14/2014