Instituto de Permacultura Cerrado-Pantanal

IPCP is a Permaculture institute working in the dry savanna part of central western Brazil (locally known as Cerrado). Work is mainly concentrated on local indigenous communities (Terrena, Kaiowa e Xacriaba tribes) and quilombola communities (communities of African ex-slaves) throughout the Cerrado. Active within the nationwide Cerrado Network of NGOs, and work strongly with Agro-forestry systems and other appropriate Permaculture strategies – the simpler the better. Also offers a list of other Permaculture projects around the world associated with their organization.

Website: 55 67 33850546Mailing Address:rua horta das olivieras 738, barrio granja sau luis campo grande
Matom Grosso do Sul 79074-070
BrazilDate Updated: 6/10/2011