Hazardous Disposal Specialists

Hazardous waste hauler handles the collection, abatement, containment and transport to an approved waste disposal site. They would need a site assessment from a professional environmental consultant, before doing any work. If there is a certainty of high lead contamination in the soil, then they would require a Phase II site assessment. Low level lead in the soil may be taken to a landfill. High levels of lead in the soil would need to be taken to Beatty, NV, in the Amargosa Desert.
They charge approx. $35 for each 55 gal. containment drum. And they charge approx. $275/drum for waste transportation to the waste facility in Beatty, NV. ( As of 11/3/10 )

Website: www.hazardousdisposal.com/Email: wasteinfo@hazardousdisposal.comPhone: 800 662-4374Mailing Address:21 Great Oaks Blvd
San Jose, CA 95119Date Updated: 3/13/2013