Greenleaf Platters

Certified as a Green Business by Alameda County. The style of our food is simple and contemporary. Our ingredients are mostly organic and all natural, including the finest meats and seafood available. We can provide simply elegant disposable plates, cutlery, napkins and cups which are made from paper or corn. You throw all the trash in green bags we provide, we pick it up and it All gets composted! In our kitchen, we compost all our food scraps, we recycle all of our plastic, cans and cardboard, we use low flow water sprayers etc. The vegetable oil we use for frying our chicken is given to friends who use it in their biodiesel vehicles! The take-out containers we use for leftovers are made from bamboo and are biodegradable and compostable.

Website: www.greenleafplatters.comEmail: info@greenleafplatters.comPhone: 510 647-5165
San Francisco Bay Area, CADate Updated: 4/25/2014