Chris E. Hecht Design and Landscape Construction Inc.

Landscape designer/ builders, specializing in creating naturalistic gardens, with a focus on hillside landscaping solutions, which often incorporate ponds and water features, stone walls, and beautiful stonework. Their gardens are done in a sustainable, “bay-friendly”, and environmentally sensitive manner, lush-looking but with low water requirement. We use no pesticides, or commercial fertilizers. We routinely use organic soil amendments, and mulch all gardens heavily to avoid soil erosion, conserve water, and minimize weeds. We are very sensitive to water pollution issues, handling materials and construction processes to avoid polluting runoff. We select plants from a Mediterranean, low water use plant palette routinely, also employing many natives in our planting schemes.

Website: www.chrishechtdesign.comPhone: 510 654-9994Mailing Address:6320 Broadway Terrace
Oakland, CA 94618Date Updated: 4/22/2015