Black Dot Cafe

The home of Black Dot Artists Inc, sponsor of the Village Bottoms Farms urban agriculture project. From the website: “Since 1998, the Black Dot Cafe has been home to the rawest vibration on the West Coast. In Addition to being an open microphone for the cries of grassroots artists, activists and everyday people, the Black Dot has established a tradition of presenting renown heroes, artists and musicians of the Black cultural revolution of the 1960s & 70s, such as Amiri Baraka, Emory Douglas, Bobby Seale, David Murray, Eddie Gale, Kahlil El Zabar, Joseph Bowie, Atu Harold Murray, Ernest Dawkins, Malachi Thompson and more.”

Website: s:// theblackdotcafe@gmail.comMailing Address:1195 Pine St
Oakland, CA 94607Date Updated: 9/27/2011