Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD)

Regulates air emissions from businesses. Develops plans to achieve national and state air quality standards, implements industrial controls, and lobbies for national and state legislation for clean air.
To report toxic emissions: 800-334-6367
Smoking vehicle complaint: (800) EXHAUST (394-2878)
Air quality complaints: (800) 334-ODOR (6367)
Spare the Air Line: 1-877-466-2876
Air quality conditions, written info on clean air, burn days/marine loading status: (800) HELP AIR
Regional smog report: (800) 794-SMOG
CA Air Resources Board: (916) 322-2990
Air monitoring: 415-749-4619
Operates vehicle buy back program which pays $650 for pre-1985 vehicles.

Website: 415 771-6000Mailing Address:939 Ellis St.
San Francisco, CA 94109Date Updated: 12/15/2010